Sunday, June 6, 2010

Washington DC is here

I cant believe that the DC trip is already here! Both of the girls have been asking if we were leaving tomorrow for weeks now, what finally calmed them was putting it on their calendar and telling them to check their calendar when they asked, now instead of daily it is only when I have a day off...good change!
Unlike any trip we have been on Jen and I have had a really busy schedule and haven't been able to think much about DC until the last couple of days - now I have to admit I am in vacation mode and Jen didn't sleep last night. This morning Rachel woke up at 6 am and ran into our room with excitement in her voice repeating "I'm ready to leave now, I'm ready to leave now!" Our flight isn't until 11.
A few weeks ago we had our official kick off event at Walmart where representatives from Children's hospital in Omaha, an ambassador from Walmart transportation, that locations Management staff along with a portion of their crew, a surprise visit from Rachel's surgeon, and two local news stations to report on the event.
Everything about it was really awesome, it was truly a kickoff party with balloons and cupcakes for the entire day, Walmart gave our family a $500 gift card for our trips, a gift bag for our Disney World trip in November, and Children's gave us a fun gift basket which the highlight for Rachel was a glass frog that they wrapped up special for her...
At random friday Rachel recieved a large package in the mail, inside was a Build-a-Bear from Children's. There was a note that said Foresters was a Childrens Miracle Network supporter and that they were at the hospital giving Build-a-Bears to all of the children there and they made sure one was set aside for her. What a rock star life Rachel has now...balloons, cake, gifts, and misc packages in the mail!!!
I cant belive all of this, every family at Childrens deserves this type of treatment, thanks to everybody for how awesome they have been!
We will add pictures as soon as I figure out how!!!

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